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Electric Saws

Door Jamb Saw

This powerful jamb saw, 900 watt industrial grade power unit has an adjustable cutting depth guide that prevents cutting into plaster or wall board when trimming cove bases. Large 6-3/16 inch blade with cupped arbor for precise flush cuts. Blade height adjusts from "Flush" to 1/16 inch. Easy access trigger and extended "tail" for maximum leverage against torque. The trigger is non-locking to comply with OSHA requirements. Easily cuts door jambs, baseboard, cabinet toe kicks, inside corners and most hanging doors. Adjustable blade height ensures the proper height for working with different floor coverings from sheet vinyl to thick ceramic tile and wood.

*Note: Comes with a carbide blade.


  1. 5 hour30
  2. 24 hour40
  3. Week120


Brand Q.E.P. CO Model